Independently Dunn Pool and Spa website revamp

Independently Dunn, LLC Redmond, WA – website revamp

After spending a few hundred dollars a month on a bogus [my words] website contract—Matt and Jesse decided to cancel their contract with a “fancy web company” in the Seattle area and have Ron the Web Guy revamp their website PLUS focus on their SEO. Take a look:

“We had paid 2 other companies to help us over the years for our advertising both companies were a joke and both we ended up having the worst experience. Now since Ron the Web Guy came on board he has taken countless hours fixing the issues with our website, social networking sites. We are grateful for Ron for taking the time to help us out. If you’re looking for a better website boosting your presence give Ron the Web Guy a try. We are more than happy we did. Also he saved us money on monthly payments can’t forget that.” — M D

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