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SCAM and FAKE domain name renewal companies

Beware of fake domain name renewal companies

I know I have posted about this before… but it is really upsetting me that companies are trying to scam people like this!

Please, please, please do not fall for the bogus domain name renewal scams that some “companies” are trying to pull on you.

  • Domain Registry – Jersey City, NJ
  • Domain Listings – Las Vegas, NV

These scammers are sending what looks like a legitimate letter and/or invoice in the mail and then charging between $50 and $228 for domain name renewal—or worse yet… they are charging nearly $300 to add your website to a basic online directory. Don’t mistake these type of scams as an actual domain name renewal. Paying the money in these letters will NOT renew your domain name.

Don’t fall for this domain name renewal scam. If you are in doubt contact Ron the Web Guy and I will tell you if it’s legit or not for FREE!

Contact Ron the Web Guy for the real deal on domain names.

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