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Ron the Web Guy:

Hello, I am Ron – aka: Ron the Web Guy. I specialize in digital marketing with a focus on developing eCommerce websites. I have been working with small and large companies to develop websites and market online since 1996 and I love it.

Circa 1995 – Cle Elum, WA – I taught myself how to code websites and by early 1996 I launched 2 websites. One was a database driven Real Estate website (1st of it’s kind in Central WA) and the other was selling used Land Cruiser and Jeep parts. For those that remember those days… This was done on old school 28.8 dial-up modems and using only NotePad on Windows 3.1 – LOL!

After such: I was hooked on creating websites and marketing online so I bought thousands of dollars worth of actual books (this was before digital books were mainstream) – I also physically (before online training was mainstream) drove to many training events/seminars all over the West Coast.

My desire and dedication to learn more about the web and eCommerce grew into me creating and launching a full on eCommerce website that was eventually sold to a competitor… PLUS my desire and passion to learn more about web development and eCommerce landed me some cool jobs/contracts at many companies such as Microsoft, T-Mobile and Samsung!

Fast forward 23+ years and I have built/edited/managed numerous websites for companies such as: Microsoft, Samsung, T-MobileCar Toys, Just Differentials, ProActive Gears and many more.

Some of the eCommerce platforms/marketplaces that I specialize in are: Volusion, WordPress/WooCommerceShopify, eBay, Amazon and more.

Contact me if you or your company needs help with anything from starting a new website, updating a current website, selling on eBay/Amazon or just crushing the competition on the search engines via SEO. I am capable of all website projects no matter how large or small. There is no cost to contact Ron the Web Guy and ask for help/guidance.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronalddunn/

ron the web guy since 1996