Is AI generated content SEO friendly?

With so much hoopla about artificial intelligent (AI) generated content these days… I decided to try a service called: Rytr.MENote: This was before ChatGPT was a thing.

This is the 1st AI generated content/blog/article I’ve created as well as posted. This is a direct copy & paste. I will be monitoring this with my SEO tools to see where this goes.

Is AI generated content SEO friendly?

Content generated by AI is not always SEO friendly. It is important for the content writer to make sure that the information generated by AI is relevant and up to date.

The content generated by AI needs to be constantly reviewed, edited and updated for relevance and accuracy. It also needs to be optimized for SEO so that it can rank well in search engines.

AI generated content is not always SEO friendly because it does not provide fresh, relevant information or update itself with new data. The content writer has to make sure that the information generated by AI is accurate and up to date before publishing it on a website or social media page.

As the AI generated content is not created by a human, it is not easily readable for search engine crawlers. This means that the content does not get indexed in Google’s search engine.

To make sure that the content is SEO-friendly, companies need to add structured data markup to it.

UPDATE: Google Says AI Generated Content Is Against Guidelines (

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller says content automatically generated with AI writing tools is considered spam, according to the search engine’s webmaster guidelines.

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