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SCAM, FAKE, Misleading domain name renewal companies

Beware of misleading domain name renewal and directory listing companies

I know I have posted about this before… but it is really upsetting me that companies are trying to scam people like this by misleading them! This is another “buyer beware” situation that I am trying to help people learn about before they lose their money. Make sure you read the fine print in these types of letters—before sending money.

Please, please, please do not fall for the misleading domain name renewal or “directory listings” scams that some companies are trying to pull on you.

  • Domain Registry – Jersey City, NJ
  • Domain Listings – Las Vegas, NV

These types of companies are sending what looks like a legitimate letter and/or invoice in the mail and then charging between $50 and $228 for yearly domain name renewal—or worse yet… they are charging nearly $300 (per year) to add your website to a basic online directory. – Read the fine print.

  • Domain name renewal: Paying over $20 per year to renew your domain name is crazy
  • Online directory/Internet directory listing: Paying any amount money to add you to a directory is crazy

Don’t fall for this domain name renewal or directory listing scam. Make sure you read the fine print in these types of letters—before sending money. If you are in doubt, contact Ron the Web Guy and I will tell you if it’s legit or not for FREE!

Contact Ron the Web Guy for the real deal on domain names.

SCAM – FAKE – MISLEADING domain name renewal companies UPDATE 01/05/2023

I hadn’t heard from one of these misleading companies in a while, so I “assumed” they had stopped or slowed way down… NOPE. Coincidentally I was prepping to launch a new website I had just created when I realized the domain name was hosted with Domain Registry of America –
The domain name owner had no idea who Domain Registry of America was and as such we couldn’t change the nameservers for their new website. The domain name owner did some research and assumed they had gotten a legitimate domain name renewal bill and they paid it… clearly not knowing the full details. We ended up launching the new website but only after going through loops to get into the DROA account.

Then later that same day I got a letter from Domain Listings for an old domain name that I’ve personally owned for a while.

They have clearly not given up on misleading domain name owners. Please make sure to ask someone you trust about these snail mail letters before sending some company your money. Ron the Web Guy will happily help you decide if the domain name letter you got is real or FAKE at no cost.

Also: search for their company name and/or address online using Google or Bing – there is a ton of websites out there that have details about these companies and their misleading business practices.

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