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It’s that time of the year – update the copyright on your website

Update the copyright on your website

Every year at this time I start thinking about copyright dates on the websites that I manage… I was just now (12/22/2020) checking out a website selling software (that I hope can help me in 2021) and I noticed that some of their website pages had a Copyright date of 2016 while others had 2020.

Long story short: I bought their software and the email they sent me thanking me for such also had a 2016 copyright. I understand being 1 year out of date… but 4-5 years our of date?!? Fingers crossed that this company comes through and the software I just purchased isn’t 4-5 years outdated like their website and email.

For the record/bragging: If you host your website with Ron the Web Guy – you won’t have to worry about these type of updates since I take care of them for you at no extra charge. 🙂

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