semrush sensor chart showing serp volatility in the auto & vehicles category from google helpful content update changes

Google’s helpful content update

I’ve been hearing a lot about Google’s new helpful content update over the last several weeks. I almost always wait to personally witness SEO impacts before speaking about such since some Google algorithm updates don’t impact the websites that I manage or the impact is so small it’s not important to raise a concern. Well – I am witnessing some fluctuations within a few of the SEO tools I use. It’s too soon to say if this Google update is going to be good or bad for the websites I manage… but I am pretty sure it will be a good update since I never abuse or try to cheat Google SERP’s.

The executive summary on this change is as follows:
– Focus on people-first content
– Avoid creating content for search engines first

I am excited to see how this Google helpful content update plays out

google helpful content update 09082022

Go here for more details on this Google algorithm update:

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