Ron the Web Guy - website janitor

Website Janitor for Hire

Website janitor for hire…


  • You need a website… so you contact web designers
  • A web designer convinces you to pay them big $$$ for a “pretty website
  • Your web designer launches your new “pretty website
  • You pay the website designer big $$$ for your “pretty website” then hope & pray it works out
  • Usually: Your pretty website gets little to no organic traffic – SEO
  • Sometimes the pretty website designer suggests you pay for Google/Facebook ads = more $$$

When it doesn’t work out (lack of sales, lack of support, etc.) – contact Ron the Web Guy (aka: website janitor for hire) to clean up the mess created by the “pretty website” designer. – Book a Free/No Charge 30 minute Zoom meeting with Ron the Web Guy for more details.

Update: Google will be making some serious changes in Q2 of 2021 as it relates to website page experience. Make sure your website is ready.

Ron the Web Guy is a full service web presence company… way more than your typical “web design” company. This means that I can save you a lot of money and time building and managing your online web presence.

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